I realized today…

…that exercise and time outdoor are necessary to personal growth.


I Wrote This Terrible Poem

Not too long ago I had a sudden and unexpected tug at the heartstrings that kind of shook up my world. I’m not afraid to admit that it was the first time it’s ever happened to me. That being said, it was a lot to handle and I ended up writing this poem. Personally I think it’s pretty awful, but I did it in the time it took me to sit down and listen the Tchaikovsky’s entire Romeo and Juliet on vinyl. I just needed some sort of release, and what better way than to write it. It’s only a first draft, but I’m not sure it’ll ever be more than that.

I’m far too self-conscious to let anyone read this, so I’ll let everyone read it here:


Untitled (22 and 23)

I had no choice

When I let you in.

I was distracted

When you peered through my window.

I was caught

Looking in another

In awe at what I saw.

A room so similar to mine

Only a few pieces missing

And a few more there.

I was already inside

As you slipped through my door.


I had no chance

Once you were inside

Suddenly I noticed you

Examining each item

Only with care.

Worried of what you thought

I ran.

You turned,

Startled to see me

Walking out of your room.


We paused as we met

this new place so beautifully lit

By warm light flowing from two doors.

An area not like our rooms

But better than either

And as good as both.


Each exposed, you and me:

22 and 23.

The sun behind the clouds near the South Rim Grand Canyon, AZ.

The sun behind the clouds near the South Rim Grand Canyon, AZ.

This is a photo I took years ago near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The high contrast effect and heavy vignetting are results of the photo being taken through the window of a tour bus which was heavily tinted.

As we were driving, I was taking photos of the passing trees when I realized that the sun would pass directly behind the only cloud in the sky for a brief moment. All I had was a point and shoot camera and luckily got this one shot before the sun was visible again.

This is the unedited version of that photo.


I wrote this poem with fridge magnets

Or rather, this poem was written with fridge magnets by me with the help of a girl named Martha at the tail end of a great acid trip. It took about two hours to complete this first revision. The original version was accidentally wiped from the fridge.




Like that pretend went in

With his sun girl glow

Imagine love was running home.


But when my moon girl shines

Could she dream on my night.

As her breast lie fast in yellow love

As day lay blue from slow whisper

I asked where a different us will climb;

Down through small water dreams

Where good and bad live,

Or through an always good flower?


As little won

I say: all that was

Went happy



This Light That I’ve Become

Light That I’ve Become┬áis a blog I’m creating to post all of this stuff that runs through my head that either needs permanent documentation so that it’s existence is more than a forgotten thought or something that I want to share with people, but I don’t have an appropriate outlet for it. Most of the latter is going to be something that I’m for some reason to shy or conscious of to post for people that I know.

The title of the blog comes from the song Sleep Forever by Portugal. The Man. It’s my favorite song of any genre of any era. This is the stanza I pulled the title from:

As the world revolves the sun
I hope the light that I’ve become can
Sleep for once